Love. One word that always take our breathe away. Love is a feeling that is often express in many ways. Kiss, hug, word are some of the expression; but for the symbol, people usually give things to the one they love.

To kids, people like using toys, dolls, and others to express their love. To other people, they usually use greeting or smile while to the opposite sex, they commonly use flowers.

What flower do we use is depending on the culture we live in. But in general, rose is chosen to symbolize love. Red roses symbolize love and passion. White roses symbolize virginity and purity. Yellow roses symbolize jealousy and infidelity.

But the meaning of the rose can be seen by the torns along the trunk which is below the bud on top. It symbolizes the guardian who are loyal to protect the beauty of a woman.

Let us express our love. It can be by flower or anything, but the important thing is we use all of that from the depth of our heart.

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