Ok, here is some pics you might only see once in your lifetime. Am I too exaggerating? Of course haha.

Here we go!

1. A dog was “pooping” in Victoria’s Market, Melbourne. Isn’t it cute? The owner told me that it is not like him pooping like that haha.


2. A kid in Movie World who was chasing after his mom. Well, his mom kept running from him. So catch mom if can, kiddo!

3. An elephant was taking over the WORLD! This man is trying to fight him, but look what had gotten into him.


4. An alien hiding in the bush of snow in Mt. Buller! Careful, folks. Its eyes can throw a laser at you and its tentacle from its mouth could hypnotize u and turn u into one of its kind.
Haha! Some kids, Caucasian kids, made this. They put two stones in its eyes and grass in its mouth. Weird, but I like it.


Be blessed!

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