Just wanna share my funny experience from watching The Woman in Black yesterday di Senayan City. My friend, Juma, can’t stand to watch horror movie and yet he did not know what kind The Woman in Black movie was. He was thinking that was some kind of magic-fiction movie like Harry Potter (since the main character was the cast of Harry Potter).


I had this experience when I was watching horror movie with Juma. A lot of hitting and even some biting occured inside the theatre, he was more horrifying than the movie haha.

But this time was different. Well, not really different. I, still got hit two times and my leg got squished hardly once. But there was this scene where the ghost’s face was shown while sitting on the chair; Juma was searched for his drink when this scene occured (that was what he said), and then the funniest thing happened. He screamed out like a girl while throwing homself to me.

In a sec, the whole theatre was turned into laughed hearing Juma’s scream. And me, and my friends can’t stop laughing even the movie became scarier. I laughed my ass to death. I almost cried of laugh haha.

One thing I learnt from this experience. Just take Juma on a horror movie, it will turn into comedy movie haha.

Be blessed!

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