5 CM.


Last night I watched this Indo movie. I usually do not like to watch Indo movie at cinema though I am Indonesian. But since a lot of my friends recommended this movie, I got curious also and watched it anyway. The movie was DIFFERENT. Different from the most of Indo movie which got a lot of weird ghosts or not important love story. The comedy in this film was very fresh and laughable. I love the characters from the acts.

The story was about 5 best friends (4 men and 1 woman) who always hangout and never been apart forever. They decided to spend three months without any contact with each other. The they reunited themselves on a journey to Semeru mountain. It is not only about friendship. The love story is very unexpected and it shows the nationalism, too. The film shows how beautiful the nature in Indonesia and they do not even use green screen in this movie. All views are real and they are very beautiful. The name of ‘oceans above the clouds’ is the words that they used to describe the view at the top of the mountain. The film was adapted from a novel called the same ‘5 cm’ written by Donny Dhirgantoro casted Herjunot Ali, Fedi Nuril, Pevita Pearce, Igor ‘Saykoji’, Denny Sumargo, and Raline Shah. The producer is Soraya Intercine Films and the director is Rizal Mantovani.


Two thumbs up for all the crew who can get a lot of awesome angles. All of them become the mountain men who did not take shower for almost 3 weeks. I searched the information of them in YoutTube and got a lot of interesting story from all of them.

I wish someday I can make movie so inspiring such that or at least I can start writing again, been a long time I had not done that. That is my dream, my pointed finger that I put 5 cm from my face to keep me looking for my dream. Thanks 5 cm for the inspiration, you did it!

Be blesssed!

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