Have you ever felt this way?

You got a lot of contacts on your phone Facebook, Twitter, or messengers. You even chat with some of them everyday. You smile looking at their status or photos. You comment on them. Your friends reply and you reply again until there is nothing to comment.

But one day, you wake up in the morning. You do the same routine before going to work. You check your phone but there is no message for you. No one is looking for you. You go to work by yourself and then you realize you are all alone. There is something missing in you. You might have a husband or wife or kids or boyfriend or girlfriend; but still, there is something in you that does not feel right. Something that I call ’emptiness’.

You see, I felt empty this morning. Almost everyday I got someone to talk to, some friends who kept me aware that I forgot about this feeling. But this morning when I was driving to get to work, no one is looking for me. And then I felt all alone in this world.

You listened to the songs in your iPod or radio but it did not help. The I was aware of something. I look up to the sky and There was this such feeling came rushing into me.


Someone up there was waiting for me. You see, all these people had kept me focusing on them everyday that I forgot the one who is always waiting for me to come to, to share all my story with, to laugh with, to do anything that I usually do with these people.

I, then, realized that this emptiness and this loneliness was for a reason. It is the way of God to make me come back to him. He was asking me to make a u-turn and moved towards him after a very long time.

He still cares for me. He is looking for me, always, more than I could all my best friends or my family. He is waiting for me every moment. He misses me a lot.

Be blessed!

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