Gong xi fa cai!

Happy Chinese New Year!

This year, again, we (me and my family) visited my grandmother and met my cousins, aunts, and uncles from my mom’s side.



Later on, we visit my sister-in-law’s parents. Then we visited my father’s sister-in-law whose house was near my house. She was sick at that moment and could not wake up from bed. I saw my nephew, Gerrard, slept like this:


We came home and prepared the food for guests who are the big family of my dad.

My dad’s family consists of 12 brothers and sisters and most of them already have grandchildren. Therefore my home will be very crowded.


At night we visited my dad’s biggest sister but the rest of family had already gone home so we were only there for mins.

Chinese new year is the moment once in a year when I can meet most of my big family, not because the ‘angpao’ that I get. It is a precious moment and I will cherish it always.

Be blessed!

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