Juma is one of my best friend that got married on June 21, 2014. His passion and spirit can always be seen by how many people are close with him. Yesterday he was having his big day and I, his bestman, am honored to present him and Sherly their wedding video.

Juma claimed that Sherly seduced her at the first time he saw Sherly coming down the stairs at work on March 1, 2011. Sherly did not agree with that though. She claimed that she barely even saw him. Since that, Juma always got a thing for Sherly.

Making this video is so much fun. The groom is very passionate and can do funny thing without hesitation. The bride, otherway, is stiff and never does anything funny. She worries a lot, but that is what the groom love about her. In this video, I succeeded to make Sherly do funny thing. You can still see how stiff she is when she waves her hand and give a kiss bye when she coming down the stairs.

The best part is, Juma & Sherly are always meant to be together. They complete each other. They take care each other. Their love is an inspiration and I wish them a happy and prosperous life ’til forever and ever.

Happy wedding, my best friends.

Be blessed!

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