I love Ladda Land. It scared the hell out of me when I watched that in theater.  So when I saw The Swimmer which is directed by the same director of Ladda Land, I was intrigued to watch this. Here it is, I watched it alone in my room with the light off. But the movie was not as thrilled as Ladda Land. At least I hoped it would be scarier. The movie is full of drama and the ghost had no purpose. I did not even find why the ghost did the haunting. But the shocking moments were unpredictable than other horror movies.

I love the under bed scary moment when the ghost came in and jumped on the bed where the boy hid underneath. And the ending, I did not think about it. I thought the story was just simple: A girl did a suicide because the boy forced her to did the abortion. But well, for the spoiler, I did not thought that the girl was killed by the boy. Overall, It was still a good horror movie but it was not one of my favorite scary movie.

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