I was asked to help shooting and editing a short film for GBI Gregorio. But they said that they had already got help from other so I focused myself on a Christmas musical “Kutukan Di Desa Bakung” (Deecmber 17th). I produced and also played a role there.

On Sunday night (December 14th), I got a call from them. They asked me for help since their short film will be shown on Friday (December 19th). I was so busy with the musical so I had to turn down their offer. But they did not seem to know what to do so I gave them my friend’s number. My friend agreed to help shooting on Tuesday but he could not edit it because of some matter. Then I took charge of the editing which I could only do on Thursday night (after the musical), a night before it was shown.

I work it out in a night and the short film without the title turned out to be quite satisfying with that less preparation.

Be blessed!


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