This morning on my way to work while driving, I just simply had faith inside talking to God that my store will be crowded and there would be 10 millions IDR came in when I arrived. In these past three days my store was not so crowd. By the time I arrived, I checked the bills and the money. Then I put it to the balance sheet. Believe it or not, I reached 10 millions IDR and a little bit more.

It was just like the scene from the ending of Home Alone 2 while Kevin was praying at Rockefeller Christmas Tree. He asked if he only could meet his mom. And like magic, his mom is right behind him calling him. Kevin looked back to the tree and said, “Wow, that worked fast!”

Kevin McCallister: [staring at the Rockefeller Center tree] I know I don’t deserve a Christmas, even if I did do a good deed. I don’t want any presents. Instead, I want to take back every mean thing I ever said to my family. Even if they don’t take back the things they said to me. I don’t care. I love all of them… Including Buzz. I know it isn’t possible to see them all. Could I just see my mother? I’ll never want another thing as long as I live if I can just see my mother. I know I won’t see her tonight, but promise me I can see her again. Sometime. Any time. Even if it’s just once and only for a couple minutes. I just need to tell her I’m sorry.
Kate McCallister: Kevin?
Kevin McCallister: Mom?
[Turns back to the tree]
Kevin McCallister: Wow, that worked fast. 

Sometimes The answer is rIght there waiting for you. It does not matter if it works fast or not, but there will be an answer in all of our prayers and God still plans for the best of us. We just have to believe that it is so far from over and we will see the glorius unfolding.

Be blessed!

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