Following my testimonial of “The Quick Answer”, turned out that I did get the 10 millions. But later it was only a little more than that. So this morning, I was reminded about that and I was thinking, “Why did not I ask for more?”

So brothers and sisters, I asked not only I found 10 millions when I reached the store. I believed in my heart with faith that God would bring new big customers and at the end of the day I would achieved more thatn 30 millions IDR. It was like magic. I got a new big customer and one of the big customers from my mom’s store (different store) came to my store. At first my mom’s customers just looked and played with my employees. Then they decided to buy.

And binsalabim, I did get more than 30 millions at the end of the day. Thanks to God for the quick answer and it reminded me of Merry Riana (whose book I read at that day) who dared to dream big, to have faith, and to act. Merry shared in her book that she dared to dream to be able to take photo with Anthony Robbins who was very hard to be met after his seminar. She had faith and she take action! She run toward the stage and although she was resisted by the security, she got to take photo with her favorite motivator at the break because one of the people in charge helped her after she cried her way toward the security.

Yes. I do have dreams and I am not afraid to dream big! Faith is all I have at this moment and it is more than enough. All I have to is to act!

Just like Merry Riana said in her book,

“If you have not had your dream job, or we have not found what the dream job is, just give all the best to what you can do.”

“Jika kamu belum ada pekerjaan impian, atau kita belum menemukan gambaran seperti apa pekerjaan impian itu, lakukanlah saja apa yang kita bisa dengan baik.”

Be blessed!

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