Meet Elf, the most hilarious tuyul you will ever meet. He laugh when you laugh though he do not know what you are laughing about. You ask him if he is tired and he says yes but he keeps running like ‘catch me if you can’. He gets very spoiled when he likes you. And he cannot be brainwashed!

I tried to brainwash him to call me ‘Uncle Handsome’ since my two tuyuls like to call me that (thanks to the brainwashing system I did to them). I tried what I did to my two tuyuls to this Elf. I tickled him and told him to say ‘Ampun, Uncle Handsome’ if he wanted me to stop. But it did not work with this tuyul. Maybe this tuyul came from a fairy land where all the elves could not get hypnotized or brainwashed by human even the human is the most handsome man on galaxy. Instead of calling me ‘handsome’, he called me ‘ASEM’! What the whaaat?!

Anyway he got ‘Karma’ because calling me ‘Asem’. As you can see in this video, he fell and cried haha! God is just! Haha!

Maybe next time I meet him, he can speak more fluent and can pronounce handsome beautifully. Until that time, tuyul Elf! This is the photo created by the mother of the tuyul. Thanks Lyan!

29506Be blessed!


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