Ok so it was the second time I traveled to Australia but it was the first time I went there with my brother’s family and cousin’s family. We were total 10 persons so we were kinda rule the tour. Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney were the cities that we explored.

Traveling with my brother’s family was one different experience especially with the two annoying ‘tuyuls’. I remember in Mt. Buller that I myself took the tuyuls to play Toboggan and, you know what, babysitting them while playing was the hardest thing to do. The tuyul boy did not want me to help him play while the tuyul girl was having a hard time to play. I surrendered and let them played by their own. I only focused on the youngest tuyul that day haha. It was one of the best moment as we enjoyed the raining snow too. But I still hated that we could not do skiing there because of the limited time.

I also got to meet my sister who had been living in Melbourne for these past six months, I guess. She was just having her birthday two days before. I went with my sister and did not join the tour on the first day. My sister took me to the West Gate Park which was Pink Lake and we were lost going there. The map that my sister’s friend made were not the same as we were unexpectedly dropped off the wrong bus station. But fortunately as we walked and with the help of Google Map, we found the Pink Lake from another side of the map. And we met this cute dog which was walking with its master. This dog was very cute as it just run toward me and my sister wanted to play. At night we went to Brighton Beach. Though it was already dark but, still, I liked the colorful houses and the beach there.

Then the tour traveled to Brisbane. We had a great time with my sister though it was only two days in Melbourne. Tangalooma was one of the best resort in Brisbane. I played sand toboggan three times. The first was the worst. All the sand got into my face and mouth. The second, well, It can hardly get into my face. And the third was the perfect sand skiing. Later we did not have much time to snorkeling or did anything since the time was already late even though it was not so late. Well, Australia did have everything unavailable early. We played basketball and there was this teen and his boyfriend who are very good and I did the foul thing to him but got to his girlfriend haha! At night we fed the dolphin at the bay.

Next we moved to Gold Coast and as the last time I went there, we played in Movieworld and Dreamworld. Since my cousin was going too, I got one hell of a friend that I could play all the scary ride. We just walked to the must-try ride and queued without knowing what that ride was. It was a fun time. And my brother’s family bought a lot of toys, damn tuyuls haha. We also had the Hurricane, the you-must-try pork ribs in Australia. It will be coming to Jakarta soon, by the way.

The last was Sydney. There was not a lot of thing to do in Sydney since we only one night there. I met my friend, Lai, and I separated myself from the tour. Lai took me to App Store to claim my iPhone guarantee (I got a problem with my lock button and the volume button). At first, they asked us to wait for sixteen queue and they will text us if our turn arrived. So I was not expecting too much. Lai took me to Brighton Beach which was breathe-taking. It would be nice if we went there in Summer. There was not so much thing to do there in Winter. Then as we made ourselves back to Brighton Junction, Lai received a message from the App Store. It just right after us in Brighton Junction and when they checked, voila, they replaced my iPhone with the new one. Thanks to international guarantee lol.

At night, I met with another two friends from church. They are sisters, Mery and Sisca. I also told Lai to meet us at Max Brenner Chocolate Bar. But Mery brought me to another Max Brenner located a little bit far from my hotel while Lai was waiting at the nearest Max Brenner with her cousins. We had already ordered so we had to finish our chocolate before meeting at the nearest Max Brenner. The other two friends also came to Max Brenner, Vincent and Adi. Hanging out with them hearing what Sydney like was another insight.

After all, this trip was fun and tiring since I walked a lot when I was not with the tour. Surely I would go there again but without the tour. I could go to Melbourne and Sydney by myself. Hey, I got sister and friends there, it is easy lol. And this is the video I made in wrap of the vacation. It is quite long but, who cares, only for me and my family’s memoir lol. Enjoy.

Be blessed!

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