This event was written on Wednesday, 30 May 2012…

Even when you can’t feel Him, I’ll promise you that He still cares.

This lyric from Mandisa ‘Stronger’ was becoming the miracle for my day.

Today is Wednesday. On Saturday 26th, Gita, one of my customer, was given purchase loan by my brother when she was shopping at my shop. I did not have any idea since I was not at my shop when she was given the loan. She promised my brother to transfer the 689.000 IDR on Monday.

On Monday, I asked my bro if she has paid the loan but my bro could not check that day so he would tell me on the next day. Tuesday had come and he told me she had not paid yet. I was a bit mad at him giving her credit. I told my mom and my mom was furious because Gita was once given ±200.000 IDR loan and she did not want to pay. She would not come to my mom’s anymore and fortunately my mom found her at someone else’s shop and made her pay. That was ±200.000 IDR and now almost 700.000 IDR.

I was afraid that she did not want to pay. She did not her number and no one even asked the number included my bro. My bro saved her number but the number was not used anymore. On our way home, my mom kept telling my bro not to let her have some loan and I, even I was not in my good spiritual life, I asked God to move Gita’s heart or anything that he could do in his mysterious ways to make her pay the money.

The next day is today and I did not even remember Gita’s problem. Around 12 or 1 PM maybe, I was on my way from toilet to my shop; my mom called me.and told me that Gita had laid her credit. I was relieved and grateful to hear that. My mom said that Gita called my shop so I went to ask my employee and it was true that she called to tell us that she paid the rest 689.000 IDR plus 1.000 IDR as a bonus? Haha. My bro checked and she was not lying.

At that moment, I realized that God still cares for me. He still hears my prayer and gives the answer. He still doing his work for me. I am blessed today.

Be blessed!

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