This event was written on Thursday, 31 May 2012…

Today I was reminded of an incident that happened months ago. A new customer came with his wife and he was trying to hypnotized me. First the man touched my shoulder and he kept talking and talking trying to make me not focus on the watches I showed them. I even took out a lot of watches on the shop window. One of my employee served them with me but the man kept asking her to do something so I could be alone.

I knew that something was fishy at that time. Fortunately my employee never left me and the funny thing was the man took a lot of plastics right in front of me aNd put it in his pocket, twice. My employee tried to tell me but I did not have any idea what she was going to tell me since she was a little bit scared. Then they left after asked me to make a bill and packed the watches he chose.

I watched what they were doing on my CCTV and I had no idea that they took a lot of plastics right in front of me. Well, they were back and I was fully prepared for them. I watched every single detail of what their hands did. They were trying to make me lose focus again. But did not work anymore. So they bought one more watch and left.

My neighbor knew about it and she bragged to me that those spouse were already went back and forth to his shop twice but she was like could not see them. The spouse tried to make contact with her since she was the boss but she said that it was like some holy force made her blind that she could not see them. She bragged that fortunately she always prayed at home before going to the shop that God may deliver her from any criminal or something bad else.

Well, I agree with her prayer but I did not agree with her brag. You could not brag about something that did not occur to you. I was the victim and thanks God I was the one who delivered. Even if they only took some plastics, they could not have their way to steal any of my watch or worse. It was like they got nothing to steal so they only steal plastics. It proved that God still cares for me so that even some people made their bad attempts to me, God would never let the have their way.

Be blessed!

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