Sugi’s Bridal Shower 2015

Meet Sugi, the most round creature in the whole universe, and she is going to get married to the brightest head (not literally lol) man, Rama. Being her best friend for more than 15 years is a irreplaceable relationship. She became my BIG sister in high school. She got her hand cut that made her likely to clench her hand even in writing which made her getting round. I think that is why she is called Doraemon. Round hand, round body, round brain, round and round haha!

Sugi is Ready for Sperm!

Do not judge the lady by the cover! She may be small. She may be act like a little cute tiny thing. But on the inside, she is mature, open minded, and wise person (please treat me fried chicken for describing you like this haha!).

Bridal Shower for Sugiemon Bridal Shower for Sugiemon

Now this small round creature is going to have her own family. You have grown up, big sista haha. Hope you have a wonderful and blessed journey ahead with you husband and may your family live happily ever after. This is my first gift to you, the surprise that was given on my 2015 birthday in Lembang exactly on 24 August.

Me(the Birthday Handsome Man) & Sugi (the Getting Married round Woman)


Be blessed!

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