Meet Rudy, the man with ‘the’ face expression and Juwita, the woman with power. These two love birds finally had their wedding ceremony on November 8 where I participated as Rudy’s best man and I also made this video to be shown on their wedding ceremony.

Rudy’s habit of delaying something is something. I think that is the reason why he is so forgetful and takes too long to think. You can see how he mostly answered the questions with hesitation. And the expression was hilarious. And Rudy also easy to be ‘pranked’. Me and the other bestman did some pranks on him like wearing his bowties and vest backward.

And for Juwita, I have known her since I served in Sunday School. She evolved so much to be this fierce woman. She can control everything. She is independent. She is kind, generous, and love kids. She also loves gossiping haha.

Rudy and Juwita are a match. They complete each other in such ways and surely they will have a wonderful happy family ahead.


Bestmen & Bridesmaids in Action

Be blessed!


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