From Death Comes Life

I believe that from death comes life. I believe that in the face of great pain, families become closer. Friendships become deeper. Life becomes sweeter. And I believe it’s important to be reminded of the loss of love so that we will value and honor the love we have while have it.

These lines came from one of a writer of one episode of Grey’s Anatomy series who lost her father. Mostly we question God when it comes to the loss of our beloved one. It is the truth. However, we have to believe that there is something good from it.

When my grandmother passed away, all the family gathered together meeting each other for almost a week. Even all the cousins became closer there. I went through what the writer described as ‘from death comes life’.


The loss of love also makes us value and honor all the people we really care for. So do the best we can to love them. Show them that you care every chance you have. They will not be there forever. We will not be here forever.

Be blessed!

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