Christina Grimmie, RIP

I just heard this tragedy from a friend. At first I heard that it was Christina Perri but when I search the news, I had found out that this beautiful and very talented young girl named Christina Grimmie was shot after her concert in Orlando. More of the news is here.

 I knew this girl, not from the Voice. But I just found her song on YouTube and I fell in love with her voice and song. I even used her song ‘Advice’ in my film, ‘Blessed’. I don’t even know Grimmie from The Voice (really, just found out now).

My deep condolences for Christina’s family and friends. She was such a young talented beautiful girl and the world has become crazier and crazier this day. How come such a disgusting act be done? She was 22 years old, for God sake. We never know what will happen tomorrow (forget tomorrow, we don’t even know what will happen one hour from now to us). Make your life more meaningful, man. Make the best out of our lives. Thanks, Christina for inspiring me. RIP.

And the day after the tragedy, came the shot massacre in Orlando, too (some Orlando gay nightclub). Man, what is wrong with this world?

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