Aloooha, Hawaii | Day 2 & 3

Aloha from Honolulu after a long flight from Taipei, transitting to Tokyo. There were no much to see in Honolulu, only some bay and peak point with a scenery that did not wow me (honestly).

I stayed in Waikiki which was near to the Waikiki beach and mostly like Kuta with lots of restaurants, bars, and outlets around. It was 4th of July which was Independence Day so the crowd was more than crowded. There was even no space at the beach, I guess (just like Bali in Eud al-Fitr season). Happy Eud al-Fitr by the way. So yeah I took some pictures at the beach and played wetly (not wet enough though). And I shopped a little bit (got a new collecting hobby, too).

At night, I watched the magic show of Polynesian (native in Hawaii). Hula Hula dance and some old trick yet fascinating magic with ordinary food were provided. Like the dance from three sexy hula girls and four six packs guys (only 3, actually, the other 1 was like me with belly haha). Amazed with this big stocky guy who played with a stick of fire. Too bad camera and video were prohibited.

Then here came the Pearl Harbour, a World War II moment that led Indonesia to be independent (I guess). Just google the history or waych the movie if you want to know the whole history of how Japan attacked the battleships of U.S in Hawaii twice and led to U.S joined the world war.

Too bad I could not get on board the ferry and saw the wreck of a ship which was upside down because of the crowd that day. But it was ok, I got to see it from afar though haha.

Do not forget the Kamehameha statue. He was the first king of Honolulu (I guess) and the statue was made from gold. I wonder why these guards were keeping their eyes on everyone there.

My last night was spent at Tiki’s bar, watching live music and had some snacks and drinks (not alcoholic, fyi). At first night when everyone were out and the bars were full, the scene could be a little more weird. Lots of people laughing, shouting, and puking (puke, not sure if there is ‘puking’). Even in the lift, I could hear those two couples laughing each time everyone said something (not even funny).

Enough for the Honolulu. Mahalo for having me there. Even I did not get more time on the beach, I could feel the Hawaii atmosphere there. Let’s move to LAX!

Be blessed!

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