I See God at Grand Canyon | Day 8, 9, & 10

Viva Las Vegas, yeah! Not so much. It was a very hot day there. Before we went there, we shopped at Cabazon factory outlets where I got my new Nike shoes, gym bag, and a new wallet (yeah). Then, after a straight long drive passing the desert, I finally got to Las Vegas. Just like people said, Vegas was a city of pleasure. Lots of entertainment there. Shows, casinos, clubs, shopping places, and many others which you might add.

I did not drink. I did not gamble. I did not like to go to a bar or club. Therefore there was not so much to do for me there. We took this rent limousine to the Old Vegas where there was this sign everyone should have in their first time there.

There was this LED show which I thought was ok. And you should see the Bellagio fountain show on the new Vegas. It was located not far from my hotel, Monte Carlo.

But on the second day, I had my day by seeing the Grand Canyon. It was mind blowing. It was amazing. It was breathe-taking. If you asked me if God exists, from what I saw there ‘Yes, He does’.

Here some photos that I took there and please do not ask me to go  deeper into the edge. I was losing my balance there and I started trembling as soon as I kept my eyes off the canyon. Grand Canyon is undoubtedly one of the 7 wonders. No wonder.

Oh yeah one more, my sister was having her birthday in Vegas. happy birthday to her!

Birthday Sian 12
Birthday in Vegas

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