Party in the USA! | Day 5

Hey, do I miss the day 4 because of the bad luck number? No, no! I don’t believe in that such of thing. I miss it because I spent all day on day 4 on flight and at hotel. Not much to do at day four. So this is my day 5.

Starting the city tour around the Beverly Hills, the elite resident of Los Angeles (though the houses look not ‘wow’). Then here came the Chinese Theatre and Dolby Theatre while passing the walk of fame. Chinese Theatre is the first theatre there and Dolby Theatre is where Oscar s held. Took some pictures there and bought these four figures of Friends (got no Phoebe Buffay and Chandler Bing, not my luck) and Universal Studios was the next destination.

I did not enjoy Universal Studios, very crowded and got there in the evening around 1 (50-minute Studio Tour was not included) and we had to leave at 5. Not enough time and I could not even ride anything (only watched the Waterworld which was awesome, by the way). The worst was that I missed The Walking Dead section. It was the first and the only section that Universal Studios ever had and I missed it. I did not even realize yhat I wanted to go there. My bad, gotta got back there someday. People are saying that The Walking Dead is the best part there and I… (don’t wanna talk about it anymore).

Later we had dinner at Tony Romas (big dinner for Indonesian) and went to Aneheim straight to the hotel. Everybody were exhausted. I slept and woke up at around 8 while my sister was asleep. I went to hotel gym and hangout a little while and then we got back to our room so that tomorrow we got energy for Disney California Adventure.

Be blessed!

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