Where the Dreams Become Reality (Disneyland) | Day 6 & 7

Two days in a row. Two days of super exhausted. I had never been to Disneyland and that was my first time and you know what, truly Universal was better than Disneyland. Disneyland was more for kids and the ride not so scary, unless this Hollywood Tower of Terror. I loved it! I rode it twice. It was like a dark room and you were tossed up and down knowing nothing. And when you reached the top, the door behind you were opened and showed the outside view. Awesome!

What made me amazed with Disneyland was the special effects. All the rides 3D was very amazing. There was this one ride in Disney California Adventure called Soarin’ Around the World and it really made you fly and watched this cinematic 3D simulator of around the world from above. You should try that when you go there. And Cars, Indiana Jones, all the water rides, and everything that had to do with roller coaster. Do not forget to use the Fastpass so you would not queue too long.

On the second night I watched the fireworks and yeah it was amazing. Wait until it reached the ‘Let It Go’ and ‘Circle of Life’ part. On the first night I was exhausted that I could not watch the World of Color at Disney California (I watched on YouTube and it was like the Song of the Sea at Sentosa Island).

Oh yeah I also watched the Frozen musical which was breathe-taking. The stage, performance, song (though Indina is still the best), and the animation were beyond words. We could not argue Disneyland of its magical effects, right?

Frozen Musical

Therefore, I concluded those two theme parks days were very exhausted yet exciting but it did not necessary to be there for two days. I think there is a ticket pass for those two just in one days. From morning to night, it should be enough to explore all of the theme parks if we could plan it smartly (like what I would plan, of course).

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