San Fransisco | Day 12 & 13

Day 11 was spent on a long road trip from Vegas to Fresno for transiting to the always-winter San Fransisco. Not literally always-winter, but the cold wind and fog were always there even in summer. I did not prepare myself any winter cloth so y’all knew how I felt when I went out the bus, let it gooo! Let it gooo! Frozen, man.

Thank god I still had the power to resist cold, except at Twin Peak. I went out viewing the San Fransisco from above, took one very bad picture, and moved back to the bus as fast as I could.

Looking back at the places I had visited, San Fransisco was the best for me because of the weather. The city was like New York. There were Union Square for shopping (but the price was more expensive than the outlet, of course). There was an Indonesian restaurant too called Borobudur, but not so good honestly.But just for you know, there were many homeless there so even they said that it was safe, still be cautious. At night everything closed around 9-10, so nothing to do there at night except maybe there was bar and some bubble drinks.

I went to this Place of Fine Arts and the structure was Roman-classy and unique.

In addition the Golden Gate was amazing. I read that the making of this bridge had eaten 10 victims. I thought that could be more since it looked very impossible to build this long big red bridge without more than 10 casualties. But America got its way to minimalize the casualties. No doubt that Golden Gate Bridge was the mascot of San Fransisco. I love red and even it was foggy that day, I was glad having these photos taken.

And then the Fisherman’s Wharf, the home of the fishermen. I could see the Alcatraz prison (prison for the ‘SS-rank’ criminal) but I heard that It was not used again.

San Fransisco would be the last place and hello Jakarta! Time to be back and the holiday was done. Hopefully I would love to go there again. Someday. or who knows, I may be living in America. Someday. Amen!

Be blessed!

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