Apple Notes Won’t Sync to iCloud

I don’t know if any of you face the same problem with me. This is my problem with Notes and iCloud.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 8.15.43 AM.png

It wasted my two days trying to find the solution. I even called the Apple suppoort and they did not know how to help me. They put me through their Senior Advisor in Singapore or somewhere around Asia since I am in Indonesia, but it took a very long time to put me to their Senior Advisor (I spent almost an hour on the phone). So I hanged up the phone and try to find the solution myself.


I found the solution for my iPhone and iPad. I just had to delete the Notes app and downloaded it again from the App Store and it worked. Unfortunately I could not delete Notes app from my MacBook and iMac so I still try to find the solution. I cleared the Notes cache so it looked new, but still did not solve the solution.

If anybody got the solution for MacBook and iMac please let me know, thanks in advance.

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