Teacher Handshakes Each Students Uniquely Before Class

This is what we call investing our energy and time and muscle and love to somebody else. Barry White and each of his students have their own unique handshakes. The always do the handshakes before coming into the class.

I want to quote what Barry White said,

One thing that’s going to stick with them forever is ‘How did Mr. White treat me when I was in his grade?’

I mean hey, he said that he wanted his students to invest something in him but I think he do more investments in his students. He is investing something in these children’s lives and he will leave a legacy that can’t be forgotten. Everybody surely wants to have a legacy for this generation, so do I. Thank Mr. White for the inspiration and I will work out on my dreams and purposes to be significant. Do not forget me. Note my name, Hanson Tjung!

Be blessed!

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