Looking back to my life, I had seen so much change and level up that came through the loyalty of serving. Honestly, it has been up and down until now. I got bored, I got offended, I got stressed, I got happiness, I got a way out, I got tests, and lots of other gots.

It all came out for my own goodness. I was formed to be a better person, to be a smarter person, to be a more godly person, to be a more responsible person, to be a man of integrity, and I realized it now. More friendships are built. Opportunities start to open up, making a way for me.

One thing that I want to remind myself is that life is a race. But it is not a race with other people. It is a race of our own. We do not compete with others. We compete with ourselves so that we can be what God wants us to be. And it is a lifetime race, a lifetime journey that will be finished when we reach the end of our lives and our creator will finish it for us.

Above all, I want to have an intimate relationship with my creator. He knows me best. He knows what makes me happy. He has the biggest perspective of my life. So I want to start with him. It’s all coming to back to him.

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