Uncle Handsome’s Christmas Gift From Nephews

Today I was, once again, got sabotaged by my nephews. They knocked hard at my bedroom door and came in just to play iPad or anything they could find at my room. They took photos of me, Prince Sleepy. Then they went out leaving me checking my phone when the oldest nephew came in, walked to my cabinet, opened it, put something in it, and closed it (if you were there, it would be like some strange kid in a horror movie who ran and you heard something opened and closed).

That boy  went to the door and told me to open the cabinet. I asked him why and he kept telling me to open it. I teased him if he gave me a Christmas gift. He smiled and said yes. I opened it and I found a sport bag. He came to me and took the bag. Then he pulled out this black Adidas T-Shirt and gave it to me.


I was speechless in a moment before I said thank you to him. There was a writing on the bag from Lyndon, Leon, & Jesslyn. Thanks for the gift though I complained why I only got one since I had to give three presents everytime one of my nephews was having birthday.

Well, that’s the privilege of being an uncle handsome, right? Be blessed!

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