Shoping at Gotemba and Staying at the Haunted Kawaguchi, Japan

Yo last night we were staying at Kawaguchi. We came here to feel to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kawaguchi lake where we can see the Fuji mountain clearly.

Before we came to Kawaguchi, we visited the Gotemba to shop. For tourist you can get the book coupon at the tourist information but it was not needed so much since at the shope there were a lot of better discount. I bought my same Bottega wallet (last one I bought at USA was stolen) without discount, Abrecombie t-shirt with 20 percents discount for buying 4 items, and some training Nike t-shirt and shorts with 20 percents discount using the student card.

At Kawaguchi there is Mt. Fuji view too where tou can take photo.

From Gotemba we took the bus to the Kawaguchi. We had dinner at this famous tempura restaurant and it was so good! The portion was very big. I gad beef tempura, shrimp tempura, vegetables tempura, egg tempura, and soba. The onion and sesama sauce were delicious.

Then we waited for the transporation from our cottage to drive us to the cottage. It was located quite far (15-20 minutes) from the restaurant and there were no supermarket near there, only vending machine. Too bad we did’t buy any snacks or food.

I had my third time onsen there. It was smaller buy open. The air was so cold but when we came into the hot spring, it felt really good. The cottage was very traditional, just like the traditional Japanese house. That was the reason we stay there. We wanted to feel like the traditional Japanese. We had to take out the pillow, bed, and bed cover from the cabinet and prepare them ourselves. We slept at the floor with just this thin bed. I used two beds since it was not comfortable for me.

The not scary thing is that people believe that Kawaguchi is the haunted place. Lots of ghost or supernatural things there. Well, I did not see or feel anything stange there so do not believe that. The house was quite spooky when I first came in but I like to think that we should not be afraid of ghosts. They should be afraid of me! Because I have God lol!

I slept quite early since I touched the bed too long haha. Early morning around 6 I woke up and went outside. What I found was another Mt. Fuji and the Kawaguchi lake. It was breathe-taking. I walked downside the road by myself around 15 minutes and reached the Kawaguchi lake.

The view from there was so much better from the cottage. I just sat there enjoying the panorama and took some photos using timer from my camera and phone. I would not forget this view for a long time. It will be my one u forgetable sight memory.

Be blessed!

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