Hello Mickey! Disney Sea, Japan

Hello, Mickey! Yeah it was my first time to Disney Sea, the one and only theme park in the world that was located in Japan. I bought the ticket at Jakarta but to get there we had to buy a train ticket to the Disney Sea station.

I went there on Saturday and it was very crowded. I think it was the most crowded theme park I had ever visited. We even had to queue to get into the restaurant (can you imagine?). So now I am going to describe only the attractions that I managed to ride.

First, I came into the Toy Story area. I got there quite in the morning but the queue was already shocking, 170 minutes! The fast place had already been done for that day. Can you imagine that? After my friend searched from Google, she found a blog that said if your time was limited, you better found another attractions to ride. So we passed Toy Story. Later, my friends who had been rode the Toy Story said that it was fun, shooting 3D ride with Toy Story characters.

Then I got the Tower of Terror Fast Pass and I had to wait until 3 PM to ride that. FYI, the fast pass only could be taken once and would be available again 2 hours later. Kind of different from Dinseyland in Aneheim which could be taken two or three times. Tower of Terror is a must play ride. I had this ride before in Disneyland or Disney California Park (forgot which one). It did not so scary (at least for me),”. You would be taken up high in darkness and the window in front of you would open so you could see the view from high. Then it closed and you would be taken down and up a fee times. Don’t forget to smile when you first are taken up high. There will be a camera take a photo.

Then we saw the 35th Disney Anniversary Parade. It included the Easter theme, too. The songs were great and most of the Disney characters showed up riding a boat and went down to dance and play with the audiences.

The next attraction we played was Nemo & Friends Searider. We had to queue around 1 hour and honestly it was not worth it. It was a 3D cinema without 3D glasses and the floor would move with the water and wind effect. I did not know if it was because the language (the movie used Japanese) or I was bored with the attraction like this.

We had dinner after that and because if the crowd, we had to queue again. Then I went to Raging Spirits on 5 PM (after Tower of Terror). This attraction was quite fun. It was a small roller coaster and the rail was not so wide, only in a small area but we rode through all the winding rail. There was even 360 degree rotation in that small area. I could not even raise my hands afraid of the rail along the rail.

While I was riding Raging Spirits, sone of my friend watched Out of Shadowland, a musical with a awesome stage effects. But once again the story was told in Japanese. At least we already read the storyline at the guide paper.


Then we’re going underwater with 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea to see the lost city of Atlantis. At first it was interesting. We went underwater with this submarine boat and looked at this beautiful don’t know 3D or live view from mirror. But after a while, I got bored only watching alien creatures and underwater view.

In the evening, we watched the Magic Lamp Theatre of Aladdin. There was some magic trick with the 3D animation of genie. The 3D was amazing but the storyline, once again, was in Japanese made it hard to be understood.

Around 8PM I joined my friends to watch Fantasmic!, a spectacular show filled with special effects using gigantic water screens, lasers, lights, and fire. Disney is the best for the live animation. I had to get separated from myself at the middle of the show to go to the Indiana Jones. My friends were already exhausted they did not want to walk to the attraction. Me? Still not satisfy riding thrilling attraction.

But another again I was disappointed with Indiana Jones. Not so scary and fun. Only sitting in this car (around 16 or 20 people) and followed the rail with the vibration and not so many thrill.

I was very curious with Journey to the Center of the Earth. I did not have a chance to ride this roller coaster that seemed to be a thrilling ride. It was temporarily broken when I was going to have a Fastpass for this ride. But later when it was available, they only let the people who had already had Fastpass to ride it.

For snacks to be bought home, I had potato snacks and Disney Tokyo banana. The price for the souvenirs were quite expensive. 1,300 Yen for a Mickey Mouse pen. I almost bought it until I came to my senses that it was not worth it.


Overall, Disney Sea was a great place under one condition, not on weekend! I almost rode all the highlights of the attractions but none of them were capable to impress me as the thrilling seeker. The shows were spectacular with the dance and the effects but not for the story since I could not understand it. The details of the each area were so detailed made it great photo spots. I could not recommend much about the foods since I did not try all the foods and snacks there but some of them were good. To be honest, I was not intrigued to come to Disney Sea again. I would consider to go to Universal Studio next time.

Be blessed!

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