I Fly, For Real

We were going to the Madame Tussaud Museum at Imbiah Station. But then my 9-year-old nephew and 8-year-old niece wanted to do iFly. After visiting the museum we followed the sign to the iFly which was near the Beach Station. At first I was not so sure to pay for that experience since it was more than 80 dollars for just 45 seconds of only 2-metres-flying experience.

Later I saw the 4-5 meters flying with the trainer which I found out that we should buy 40 dollars more right to the trainer for that. I applied for that. With my nephew and niece, we registered and had a 30 minutes briefing before we flied.

For the record, this act is not for us who has a hand, neck, or back pain. Since we will be flown away by the wind as strong as a hurricane, we have to have a fit and strong hand, neck, and back to resist the wind.


Hands should be 90 degrees and in front of the eyes. Chin up and straight legs spread form a V. We can’t hear voices since the wind is so noisy so we have to remember the hand signs while we are flying. In the field, I forget most of the sign means. Learn from my mistake haha!

After the briefing, we moved upstairs and joint the field which was a big tube with wires floor where the wind would blow us away. We wore the flying uniform, googles, earbuds, and helm.

I was the very last person to fly and I could see the first flight from everyone were very fun. Not so long (around 45 seconds) and not so high (2-3 meters only) but still couldn’t wait for my turn. My nephews could not even hold their legs straight, so funny. Then my turn was up and I could feel the strong wind against my body as I fell down myself. I flied instantly.

My instructor kept me balanced in the air. It was so much fun. I flied without any equipement. I was a Superman, not with the hands style though since it was prohibited. Then I applied for extra flight which I paid the instructor 40 more dollars and were taken very high almost 6-7 meters above the floor spinning with the instructor. That was amazing! I was taken up five times that when I got outside, I got very dizzy.

It was a once in a lifetime experience. It was like mini skydiving (my bucket list) but surely it would be the unforgotten memory.

Be blessed!

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