My name is Hanson, born on 24th August 1987. I started writing some story in high school. Most of my story are about killing and ghost. I love thriller and scary movie a lot. I stopped writing when I was graduated and it had been up and down writing a story again which means I had never finished the story except 1 story.

I serve God from multimedia section. I created most of the videos such as weekly news, advertisements, drama, short movies, and 5 films titled “Family Day” (2009), “Joe and Matt (2010), Blessed (2011), Family Day ‘Christmas Eve’ (2012), Bintang Timur (2015). Then I started to produce two musicals: Pelita (2013) and Kutukan di Desa Bakung (2014). The last masterpiece is a drama which was Hand Mime performance included titled Cahaya.

The vision of my writing is for people to enjoy my work and feel the excitement of my imagination. I am a creative person, at least most people I have known had said that, and love to throw out my idea and imagination into creation so that people can enjoy it.

For God is creative, so do I.

Enjoy my writing and least but not least, be blessed!

Instagram : @hansontjung

YouTube Channel :

  1. Tjung Productions
  2. Hanson Tjung



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