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I love traveling, acknowledging the culture and the beautiful places all around the world. And also the food and the drinks!


Gong xi fa cai! Happy Chinese New Year! This year, again, we (me and my family) visited my grandmother and met my cousins, aunts, and uncles from my mom’s side. Later on, we visit my sister-in-law’s parents. Then we visited my father’s sister-in-law whose house was near my […]


Okay, last night, 01 February 2013 I, Nurina, and Sugi went for a ‘Wisata Kuliner’. I was very hungry and long for “Kwetiaw Goreng Kepiting Pangeran Jayakarta” that I have loved since I was a child. My dad used to take me and my family there and I […]


Yesterday I was not feeling well and I was supposed to get rest. But I heard the cry if this creature from outside. I went out from my room and comfort it. Then, it became my nightmare! I was supposed to rest but this creature kept haunted me […]


Have you ever felt this way? You got a lot of contacts on your phone Facebook, Twitter, or messengers. You even chat with some of them everyday. You smile looking at their status or photos. You comment on them. Your friends reply and you reply again until there […]

5 CM.

Last night I watched this Indo movie. I usually do not like to watch Indo movie at cinema though I am Indonesian. But since a lot of my friends recommended this movie, I got curious also and watched it anyway. The movie was DIFFERENT. Different from the most […]