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Happy new year 2013! On this new year, my friends came to my house at around 1AM (after the fireworks party) and they cooked sausages, chicken popcorns, and chicken wings as our snacks. We chatted and laughed a lot. We even watched some of our old videos when […]


Hi! Mw cerita nih waktu di dufan bareng temen2 pas tanggal 30 Oct 2005. Dah lama sih tapi tetep kebayang. Waktu itu pas lagi sepi-sepinya di sana n perginya bareng Ratih, Nuri, Vera, Cristin, Siska, Haris, Andi, Juma, n Rudi Frans. Kita ber-10 pokoke… Seru banget! Di sana […]