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Film For Dreamers

La La Land adalah sebuah film drama musikal yang menurut saya cukup meaningful. Film ini mengisahkan tentang passion dan love dimana realitanya sulit untuk bisa mendapatkan keduanya. Pilihan antara mengejar mimpi dan mengejar cinta. Untuk sinopsis intinya Mia, diperankan Emma Stone, memiliki impian menjadi seorang aktris. Sementara pasangannya, […]


Gosh, why is it so hard to be me? To be such a perfectionist yet melancholic (I thought that this sensitive characteristic is changed from the last personality test). And it always comes when Christmas is near. To be trusted with the responsibility of taking care the event […]

Family Day

This is my first short movie that I produced for Christmas ’09. Trailer : Movie: The story is about a family whose members often fight and argue over little things. The message of this movie is: A family does not have to be always peaceful. Conflicts make the […]